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Love like a poet

"I want to live forever," she said 'Is there any way?' "Well, luckily I'm a poet!" he said.


What is love?

What is love? How do you define love? If you're talking about what you feel, touch, sense and everything about attraction, attachment, being together forever then my dear friends love is way more than that. It's just not the clutter... Continue Reading →

Determinism or Free will?

A question unanswered since ages. There always has been an argument, ambiguity regarding determinism and free will. Recently I was asked, “What according to you works, is it the determinism of fate, destiny or is it the free will of... Continue Reading →

Leaves of Attachment

Hello, everybody, I'm very excited to announce that my first poetry book named "Leaves of Attachment" is published. It contains poetry related to love, attachments, nature, abstract and few more. Together this is a gist of all such emotions. This... Continue Reading →


लंबे अरसे से एक सवाल है जो मुझे परेशां किये जा रहा है । जब से खुदको संभाला है और दुनिया के तौर-तरीकों को देखा है, एक सवाल है जिसका जवाब शायद बड़ेमिया ही दे सकता है । इस पाक... Continue Reading →

After a while

यारों नया साल शुरू हुए कुछ दिन बीत गए, कुछ कहना चाहता था बीते हुए दिनों के बारे मैं | हर बार मगर अल्फ़ाज़ नाराज़ होकर स्याही से उतरने को राज़ी नहीं थे | क्या करे हमारी तरह इन अल्फ़ाज़ों... Continue Reading →

I shall live in many stories

The ears of past will wear earrings of my poems and the forgetful mind will have an indelible memory Like the myriad stars in the endless universe these poems will illuminate me forever You may kill my body and curse my... Continue Reading →

What is life?

आयुष्य म्हणजे काय असत जन्म-मृत्युच्या खंडातील पुस्तक असत किती पाने लिहिली जातील माहित नसत ह्याचा विचार न करता जगायचं असत आयुष्य म्हणजे काय असत खोल श्रुष्टीच्या सागरात जहाज असत कधी वळण, कधी सरळ, कधी बुडेल माहित नसत प्रवासी ह्याचे आपण,... Continue Reading →

How can one be truly happy in a world full of eye-candies?

Happiness, such a relative term isn’t it? as relative as time. Different for every person out there living their life, driven by the unshakable faith that in the end happiness will knock your door and give a tight hug. More... Continue Reading →

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