What is love? How do you define love? If you’re talking about what you feel, touch, sense and everything about attraction, attachment, being together forever then my dear friends love is way more than that.
It’s just not the clutter of emotions and closeness. It’s when you meet the person you love and it feels like home, it feels like you’re meeting your own self. You open up yourself like how rays of the sun piercing the clouds come down after a tumultuous storm.

Who am I?
I’m a solitary flower,
in the corner of a garden,
shunned by others
with intermittent care
ou-trély gazed by others
Though filled with the nectar of love
What is love? the question recurring


That love exists, and can create a garden full of colors and love isn’t only about being together but true when you away from each other.

Look what happens with a love like that: it lights the whole sky.